Kala Channa Sundal

Kala Channa Sundal – Kala channa boiled with salt; later mixed with tadka and grated coconut; Perfect tea time snack! The festive season is around the corner and I know you will be sorting out recipes to be prepared for the celebrations. Whatever may be the celebrations, sundal is the common thing prepared across the… Read More……

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Chicken Corn Fritters

Chicken Corn Fritters – Tender chicken breasts cooked, mixed with corn and spicy batter to prepare crispy chicken fritters. A sure hit at party protein-rich evening snack! One can prepare delicious curries, delightful appetizers and spicy skewers with chicken but at the same time, one can prepare fritters as sides and a snack option. Tender… Read More……

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Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Energy Bites | Vegan | Paleo

Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Energy Bites – Dark cocoa chocolate combined with powdered pistachios; Lightly sweetened with coconut flakes and maple syrup; Delicious buttery healthy bites to satisfy your hunger packs! It's Paleo and Vegan! Who doesn’t love chocolates?  Everyone love to have chocolate based desserts, ice creams, pudding, and shakes. How about energy bite? Yes,… Read More……

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