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About Me – The toughest job is to describe me as I have different shades and still discovering myself new every day. Born and brought in a Hindu family in southern parts of Tamil Nadu and married Christian Network Engineer. The story of a developer turned cook traces its way back to my childhood. I remember my mother often referring me as a very demanding kid when it comes to food. I always prefer to have Idlis with chutneys of different colors and sambar! That’s how my love for food began and I am constantly exploring different cuisines then.

My passion for cooking began during my initial days of my career when I stayed with my brother. I used to walk through the streets of the market, buy fresh vegetables and cook varieties of food. Cooking is an expression of love. It’s a heavenly feel to see happiness in a person when you serve a delicious complete meal. One has to experience it to feel it.

I still remember how me, my husband and our friend San, used to travel miles just to have hot spicy samosas. Our favorite spot for any discussion with my brothers is at restaurants. So is my love for food! I started exploring different types of cuisines in my Kitchen initially. It’s because of my family and lovely friends, I was motivated to create my own space – karthiskitchenstudio through which I intend to share all my tried recipes and in turn learn from you too! I wish to bring flavors of food from different corners of the world into your kitchen through this space. Let’s connect and share our love for food here. Thank you for spending your valuable time and stopping by here. Let’s explore food together!

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