Radhaballabhi & Choti Aloor Dum | Bengali Stuffed Poori with Urad Dhal & Baby Potatoes in Tomato Gravy

Festivals – The word energizes my nerves and brings back loads of memories – Flowers, garlands, scrumptious food, sweets, TV shows, lots of love and lots of laughter.  My amma religiously follows one unwritten rule – If it is an auspicious day, then prepare hot fluffy pooris for breakfast with mashed potato masala. Who wouldn’t… Read More……

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Bajra Matar Ki Khichdi

Hey Folks, Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday evening and preparing yourself for the upcoming week. I have been relishing some homemade delicacies for the last couple of days as my friend is back from India vacation. I have been occupied with cleaning work and arranging the treasure from India. Those who stay away from their… Read More……

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Ratatouille with Fried Eggs

Hi all, I have a confusion every morning  – What to do for Breakfast?  I still remember how my friends used to express their frustration about breakfasts and they end up with the usual idli or dosa.  I too have this confusion every morning. As breakfast is the important meal of the day, I don’t… Read More……

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