Gokulashtami | Janmashtami Recipes

Hi all, Happy Gokulashtami! Hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic Wednesday. It’s a comeback Wednesday for me – my own little space with my rules. Returning back to your habitual activity after a hysterical week needs push and determination. I should thank my friend – Prathiba for her article which kicked me out of lonely world devoid of… Read More……

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Gopalkala is prepared using beaten rice/aval/poha and a comforting dish for toddlers and adults. There is a saying that the poha is put inside the handi which is hung in the air and broken during the Janmashtami celebrations. Poha is easily digestible and provides enough energy thus making it a perfect breakfast option. Moreover, poha… Read More……

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Sweet Ragi Paniyaram

Hi all, Sweet Ragi Paniyaram – Paniyaram prepared using ragi and jaggery. Paniyaram is my favorite dish and it can be prepared in various ways using rice flour, millets, vegetable paniyaram, egg paniyaran and even chicken too. This paniyaram is prepared using ragi/finger millet and a healthy option. It’s a diabetic friendly and a protein… Read More……

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